3/365: HIM

Life is crazy right now. Some of you know, we are in the middle of getting our house ready for renters and moving ourselves. As some of you might also know, I am a bit of bossy perfectionist. This side usually is more dominate during chaos and stressful situations.
Last night, we officially posted our home for rent and woke up to multiple inquiries. We thought it would be awhile until we heard anything because of the market we live in, so you can imagine our surprise and excitement! But mostly our "Umm, we need to get our crap together!"
So naturally, I must start giving orders and demanding progress. My house was on the verge of becoming a sweat shop when I came across this scrap of paper in a junk drawer.
Instantly nothing mattered, the half put away holiday decorations, the dripping wet Christmas tree being pulled through my living room, the dogs smelling up my nice rug, the toddler plotting our organizational demise.

The husband that I find nagging at SO gratifying was instantly transformed into the attractive guy I saw walk into that Irish Pub, many years ago.

This scrap of paper was the beginning. This piece of paper is our reminder of love, acceptance, truth.